Forearm balance (Pincha Mayurasana)

How to do:

Sit back into a child’s pose, extend arms out in front placing the forearms down and the hands flat to the ground with the fingers splayed, pressing into the ground. 

Lift hips and walk the feet in towards the front on the mat until the weight is in the shoulders and the shoulders are directly above the elbows. Hold here, extend one leg to the sky and using the strength in the core and legs gently kick up slowly into the balance.

Keep the shoulders strong, spreading weight downwards into the forearms. Relax the neck and engage core.

Allow your partner to take hold of one of the legs.

Physical benefits:

Strengthens the shoulders, arms and back as well as stretching the shoulders, neck, chest and belly. It will improve your balance and circulation.





Camel pose (Ustrasana)

How to do:

Second person faces the opposite direction, kneeling on the floor legs hip distance apart. Keep your hips above the knees drawing your pelvis forward as you lower backwards. Extend one arm up and behind to take hold of your partner’s ankle. The other hand rests on your own ankle.

Open your chest, shoulders; relax the neck, breath and smile!


Physical benefits:

Physically this pose will stretch the front of the body, ankles and thighs, abdomen, opens the chest, shoulders, hips, especially the psoas. You will build strength in the back and improve postural alignment. 


Emotional benefits: Forearm balance.

Inversion can help give you a little perspective in life! It’s not about what you see its how you look at it! Sometimes when we are struggling in life we can get stuck in negative emotional patterns, which will eventually start to appear in our physical self.

Getting a perspective and looking at things from a different angle can help us move forward in life. Learning from the experiences and adapting to new challenges we face. After all, life can be messy, it can be hard at times, and figuring out how to deal with it is sometimes mind-boggling.

So, sometimes all we can do is try a different angle, look at things in a new light.

I always feel inversions are extremely playful! Don’t ever let go of the child within, play, laugh, smile, and enjoy life for all the good, the bad and the ugly!








Emotional benefits: Camel pose.

Opening your chest, heart, entire self in a physical form, to me, is a  very freeing experience. It can help stimulate a sense of letting go, release, surrender. There is a sense of vulnerability in this pose - By being open we are allowing the unknown in. This could be both good and bad. But without this openness we are unable to move forward, learn, grow...

We are adaptable and stronger than we give ourselves credit. This pose to me is not just about being open, its about strength.

It takes strength to be open, to be vulnerable, to feel fear and still move forward into the unknown...


We don’t always need to go it alone. Sometimes friendships, family’s and partners, we need each other and that’s ok!

So move into February with the knowledge that together we are stronger! Stronger in mind, stronger in body and stronger in soul.

Support, love, care, laugh, play, respect, enjoy and share life and your experiences with others. We are all mirrors of one another, all connected, all fearful, all loving, and all hopeful and all in need of a little support from time to time.

We just need to open our hearts, mind, eyes, trust in others and realize we have the potential to be caught if we fall…

No matter where in the world you are, how close or far you are from your loved ones, always remember that…

“Where ever you go, whatever you do, they’ll always be out there supporting you”

Don’t forget to let the ones you love know it this month <3

Have a beautiful, fun filled, loving, playful February.



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