Chloe Garland


I grew up within the English countryside of Devon, at "Courtlands", an outdoor activity and environmental education centre that was set up and ran by my parents. Outside living, adventure and nature have always been a part of my life, whether it be rock climbing, water sports, abseiling or simply camping and climbing trees with my friends.

I would always be running around barefoot, exploring the surrounding countryside and daydreaming of adventures!

Courtlands was an adventure playgound! The driveway to our house had an assault course with zip lines to ride, combat nets to climb, under ground tunnels to crawl through, tire runs to run through and monkey ropes to swing from. The centre itself had classrooms for science where you could learn all about the weird and wonderful aspects nature, there was abseiling walls, a gymnaysiym, sports fields and the surrounding countryside, moorlands and coastlines were also a huge part of the activities. We would spend days out on the ocean sailing and waterskiing, as well as trips to the moors orienteering and trekking. It was a pretty awesome environment to grow up in. 




We had pets dogs and cats as well as many rescue animals. My Mum would always saving wildlife which my brother and I would help care for. We had a small paddock with a selection of farmyard pets, from geese and chickens to goats, gunnie pigs and rabbits.

I was obsessed with animals; they were and still are, my true love in life.

I never really realised what a big influence my childhood must have been on my life choices and who I am today. To me it was normal. Its normal to crawl through mud tunnels and swing from monkey ropes, walk high ropes, abseil down walls, practice archery, sail, water-ski, trek across the moors and swing from trees. Or help an animal out and care for it like your own. Why wouldn’t you?!


I knew that I was lucky of course but the lifestyle of outside living and adventure was normal to me.

Growing up in this type of environment has ultimately sparked my passion and love for the natural world. I am lucky to have found my true path in life or at least know what it is I am meant to do on this planet!

I feel most balanced when spending time in nature.






I have a passion for travel, study, meeting new people, experiences, I like to feel challenged and learn all I can!

I am dreamer who is lead by my heart but I do try and take my head with me!


My fascination and love of the natural world has led me to spend my adult life working within conservation, helping to protect nature and inspire others to do the same. 



"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do", (Rumi).

This quote is what always reminds me to follow my passion in life...