I have a BSc with honours in Wildlife Conservation Biology and a number of trainings in animal management, scientific research, education and animal care. I have since worked in a number of organizations throughout the world. My passion for the nature and to be part of the change we need to see has only ever grown the more I work within this field.

I have been involved in all aspects of conservation from research, education, fund raising, event management, wildlife rescue, animal care and rehabilitation.

I love it all!





Every aspect of environmental work is

fascinating to me.

Each element is interconnected and

equally as important as the next.

Education builds the foundation for change, for hope. The future survival of the natural world depends on it. Inspiring others to care about the planet and be part of the solution is vital.

The research that goes into each element of conservation, from learning about the ecosystems, understanding how every part of this planet is connected and how important each component is. It’s a really beautiful thing.

My main passion though is caring for animals and helping them on their road to recovery.

The time that goes into rehabilitation, from rescue to release is incredible.


I have worked within some amazing

organisations and feel very grateful for

all the opportunities I have been given.


It is by no means an easy field to work in. Some days are exhausting, emotionally and physically, it is never well-paid work, in fact a lot of the time its not paid at all! But the rewards are so much greater than any material gain could ever offer.



There are very special moments when working in conservation that are worth every second of the hard work.

Successfully rehabilitating and releasing a wild animal, allowing it a second chance in life, helping to inspire someone to do a little more to help care for the planet or when you see a child’s eyes light up when they learn a little more about the natural world and they tell you they want to do what you do when they grow up. These are the moments, the things that push you to continue and give you hope.


These days it can hard to be hopeful in a world that seems to be continually and knowingly destroying the planet. But, there are still so many people out there that care, that want to make a change, that want a future for the planet and all those part of it.
I don’t know when it was that the world got so lost, and material gain became more important than nature.

I have hope and I will continue to work hard to help protect, what I believe, it is really all about…Nature, Natural beauty, Life!

I feel very lucky that I have been able to live my passion, to be part of the change and help inspire others.

I have met some amazing people in the world that work so hard to help protect and conserve planet earth and all those part of it. They inspire me every day. I will always continue to work hard to be a part of the hope for the future of wildlife and the environment.


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