Sometimes you just need to take some time to remind yourself of who you are and what truly matters….

Create some balance in your life and take time to relax your mind. Be present in the here and now.

Extended hand to big toe pose Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

How to do:

Start in mountain pose (Tadasana) with both feet planted to the ground. Engage the thighs and core. Relax the shoulders, keep the spine long and find your Drishti (focused gaze).
Take an inhale lifting the right leg, tuck your knee into your body and take hold of the knee with both hands. Find your balance, using your core to help centre yourself. Maintain a long spine, take hold of the big toe with your right hand and slowly extend the leg out in front of you. Gently open the extended leg to the side, keeping yourself centred but opening through your left hip.
Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath in and exhale to ground yourself.
Open the hip as much as feels comfortable and hold for 5-10 breaths.

Physical Benefits:

This pose will strengthen the legs and ankles, lengthen the hamstrings, open the hips and strengthen the core. It will also help to improve your balance and sense on grounding.




Boulders beach, South Africa.

Extended hand to big toe pose



Playing on a Glacier in Alaska. 

Emotional benefits:

Balance postures are great to help relax the mind and to re find some balance in your life, both physically and emotionally.
It gives you time to really focus your gaze and attention on just your body and breath. It gives you space, even if just for a few seconds, but it is in these moments that you can truly relax. Feeling, listing and moving with the rhythm of your own breathe – your mind has time to be free.
I find that balance is what the world lacks so much of. Balance with work, with social life, with love, with nature, with society…
The pressures to earn more, do more, achieve more, explore more, buy more, have more…sometimes it can feel that the world is so concerned of what else we need to be “happy” that we find it impossible to just be. Be in the moment, taking pleasure in what is rather that what should be.
The further we seem to push and strive for more, the further we move away from what really matters and we lose complete balance with ourselves and the environment around us.
Is it really the amount of likes on Fb or Instagram that make us happy? Or the new shoes and make up that keep us sane? Or is it the bigger paychecks that seem to dictate our worth?
Or, is it simply just finding balance – finding peace in our mind, our heart and our soul.
Figuring out what truly makes us happy without listening to the constant noise that surrounds us, pressuring us to do what we think we should rather than what truly desire.
In my opinion, we need more balance!
In yoga, these balance postures provide us with space to be free. To just to be in balance, even if just only for a few seconds - to help you tune in to what is really important and what it is like to just be…


alaska train track

Take time during the month of June to re find your balance in life. Play with this pose, don’t get fixed on the end results just enjoy the exploration and liberation of the mind!! Breathe, wobble, smile, stumble, try again and just be. Here and now…



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