For the past 10 years I have studied and worked within Wildlife conservation. It is my passion and I believe my purpose on this planet – to be part of the change we need to see and help inspire others to do the same.

Wild and Free at Heart is my dream of creating an organization that will support conservation projects, environmental programs, animal welfare and wildlife protection projects throughout the world.




I love everything there is about nature!

Oceans, mountains, forests, jungles, deserts, countryside’s, rivers, lakes, and the weird and wonderful wildlife that live within each habitat. I love seeing birds flying free in the sky, sea turtles cruising along vibrant coral reefs, monkeys swinging from trees, penguins waddling along the coastlines. There are sunsets that leave you speechless, starry night skies that blow your mind, vast open landscapes that bring a sense of freedom to the soul and the ocean depths that continually leave us amazed.

Nature is beautifully complex. There is a connection between it all.

Through my own experiences in both conservation work and yoga practice I hope to I hope to inspire others to be part of that change, to educate, lead by example, to promote awareness, balance, kindness and respect to all life and to show just how awesome nature is.

My dream is to help protect and conserve what I love – the natural world and all those part of it.





But, ultimately we are all human; we all need air to breath, food to eat, and a place to live. We need planet earth as much as it needs us.

We need to find a balance, to live in harmony with nature and provide a future for the planet, for future generations, for nature, for wildlife. 


“The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

- Robert Swan.

Thank you for taking time to read through this. It may be a small drop in the ocean, but I hope to be able to make a difference and inspire others to do so too...

Be kind to the planet, be kind to each other, be kind to nature, be kind to all life…