31st March - 5th April

A journey of self-discovery. Heal, connect and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul through yoga and energy work.

Daily empowering yoga practice including dynamic flows, pranayama, meditation and healing energy work.

Find yourself breathing deeper, moving with intention, discovering the possibilities of more space in your body and mind whilst surrounded by natures tropical delights. Working with your own energy system to restore your body and mind. Flowing with the rhythm of your own breath and sounds of the ocean and forest that surround you.

The retreat also includes daily energy work and individual healing sessions to enable you to discover your true self. Exploring some of challenges you face over and over again. The fears, frustrations and restlessness you can feel without knowing why and understanding the ways you relate to others. Gaining some perspective of the common patterns that may be holding you back in life, so as to embrace your inner strength and power, beyond any pain or fear.

Deepen your knowledge on both the yoga practice and your own energy system. Reconnect to your heart to enable you to live more fully, authentically and joyfully.

With the retreats private accommodation set amongst the rainforest and the three daily meals provided, you can allow Brazil’s natural beauty to soothe your soul and healthy food to nourish your body.

The site is a little piece of paradise in the middle of bamboo groves and banana trees, flown by tiê-bloods and thrushes and immersed in fauna and flora quiet cove of Abraãozinho. The site of the garden was Claudia House 2015 award winner in the category Garden.

The Abraãozinho is 10 minutes by boat from the village of Abraham (main village of Ilha Grande), 25 min walk along a path in the Atlantic Forest, passing by several beaches along the way.

The site consists of a large multipurpose hall, two houses, "Cabin" and "Sobrado", which together offer a total of 9 suites with extreme comfort, charm and simplicity.

A recreation area by the sea, complete the site. It is designed around concepts and practices of ecological sustainability consistent with the preservation of the Atlantic Forest. Solar panels and a system of tanks and anaerobic filters are installed and operating. The organic waste is used as fertilizer.

The buildings were built with recycled and green label wood and the landscaping preserves and develops the native species.

The people involved in the site development are members of traditional families and the local community interested in preserving the culture caiçara.

This property offers peace, tranquility, in a beautiful setting.

The retreat will be lead by yoga teacher Chloe Garland and life therapist Rinske de Jong.

They are passionate about what they do and ready to share this with you on one of their favorite and most peaceful islands in Brazil.

Chloe Garland from Wild and Free at Heart

From a very early age Chloe has felt a strong connection to nature and spirituality. Her natural empathy for others and connection to the natural world has guided her to become a Yoga teacher as well as a Conservation biologist. Her continuing journey in yoga has helped her overcome many challenges in life as well giving her the courage to follow her true path.

“Yoga is not only joyful, it helps us care for our physical self as well as our emotional self and connects us to the beauty of nature. It is not just an exercise. Yoga is a way of life. It allows you open your heart and leave fear behind”.

Chloe loves to help guide people through their own journey of self-discovery, allowing them to realize their own potential, beauty and strength. Her teachings are aimed to allow you to practice yoga to your own abilities, discover possibilities, breath, let go of expectations, connect and have fun! Building flexibility, strength and working with your breath, allowing you to free your body and mind, promoting a peaceful heart and positivity.

She has a passion for travel, adventure, meeting new people and finding peace in nature. During these retreats, she hopes to share her experience with you whilst providing an opportunity for self-discovery and time to enjoy life!

For more information about Chloe’s work as both a yoga teacher and conservation biologist follow the link to her website.

Chloe Qualifications

  • 300 hour teacher training, RYT certified, Byron Bay Yoga centre, Australia
  • 100 hour Let your yoga dance, RYT certified, Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica
  • 100 hour Inner Quest, RYT certified, Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica
  • 100 hour Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy, RYT certified, Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica
  • 50 hour The essence of the Bhagavad Gita, RYT certified, Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica
  • 100 hour Body Balance teacher training, Les Mills, New Zealand
  • 100 hour Acro yoga, Lunar immersion, Spain and Brazil
  • 50 hour Acro yoga, Elemental immersion, Brazil
  • 100 hour Tai massage trained
  • Holistic massage therapist, ITEC – Level 3 Diploma, Devon academy of contemporary therapies, England
  • BSc Wildlife conservation
  • Diploma Animal welfare, management and conservation
  • MA Anthrozoology

Rinske de Jong from www.rinskeandyou.com

Rinske has been asking herself the question “who am I’ from a very young age onwards. Being born with twin sister she has been playing with the concepts of being ‘one person’ as well as being ‘one with another person’, her whole life. Her ability to feel what other people are going through is extremely useful in her work as a life therapist and trainer. She uses her hands and voice to enhance the natural energy flow through the body and correct disturbances. This supports the self healing capacity of the body and in turn, makes you feel more grounded, peaceful and powerful. Additionally, she offers trainings in deepening the connection with yourself, as well as others and the world around you.

Rinske loves to travel inside her self to find answers as well as travel the world to meet beautiful people and enjoy nature. She finds her active outdoors lifestyle allows her shine bright and provides her with a lot of positive energy to share with others.

Early Bird Discounts starting from £750 - all inclusive

Shared Twin room £800 (£750 early bird discount before 1st March)

Single room - £999

Booking with others? Special price - £1500 per person.

 The price for the 6-day retreat includes:

  • 5 nights in a beautiful, secluded house on Ilha Grande
  • Healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners each day
  • Return transfers from Rio de Janeiro city (Zona Sul) to Ilha Grande
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Daily classes of energy work
  • Individual healing session
  • One 30 minute massage session

What is not included

  • Flights to Rio de Janeiro
  • Travel insurance

Free additional extras

  • Kayaking
  • Sunsets
  • Beaches
  • Nature trails
  • Wildlife
  • Slacking
  • Swimming
  • Happiness
  • Friendships
  • Adventures
  • Laughter
  • Peace
  • Rejuvenation

Optional extras

  • Scuba diving
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling trails
  • Surfing lessons
  • Cycle bike rental
  • A number of Guided trails throughout the island
  • Introduction to Acro yoga / partner yoga private class
  • Private yoga tuition classes

About Iha Grande


Ilha Grande is a largely underdeveloped island just of the coast of Rio de Janeiro state. It is home to a number of the beautiful beaches, lagoons, hiking trails and natural pools as well as a variety of wildlife.

The main town on the island is called Abraão. Here you will find the pousadas, restaurants, and shops. It is a great location to base yourself and use your days to explore and get lost in the wilderness.


A relaxed vibe with friendly locals and a whole world of nature to explore.

Ilha Grande is a car free environment with the only means of transport being boats, bikes or your own feet!

It is the perfect place to relax, find connection to yourself and nature, explore the unique tropical island and find a little peace.

International travel

If you are looking to join this retreat but want to spend a little more time in Brazil, then there are many options available.

One is to combine this retreat with a few extras days exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Rio de Janeiro, “Cidade marvilohos” (Wonderful city).

Renowned for its natural beauty that surrounds the city and the vibrant yet laid-back vibe, Rio offers a whole array of options for the nature lover, and outdoor explorer.

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Come and get lost in nature and find yourself...

Hope to see you there!

Much love Chloe and Rinske xx

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