I began to study yoga at 18 but it was not until I traveled to Australia at the age of 25 that I really found a deep connection to the practice. This is when I completed my initial teacher training, within Byron Bay Yoga Centre

It was during this time I discovered just how connected I felt to the yogic way of life, not only the benefits of the asana's, but the practice as a whole. Yoga, to me felt like finding a balance in life, to live in harmony with the world, promoting peace and love, respecting nature - it all felt like I had found a world that I understood. This is when my passion grew and my journey through various teachings, including Iyengar, Vinyassa, Hatha, Yoga dance, Acroyoga and Ayurvedic medicine really began.



Nosara yoga institute, the trainings I have taken and teachers I have met there over the past few years have continued to inspire me along my journey in life and yoga. 

The joy I have found in yoga and the connection it has to nature is what I hope to share with others.

My teachings are aimed to allow people to practice yoga to their own abilities, discover possibilities, breath, let go of expectations and have fun!

Building strength, flexibility and working with your breath, allowing you to free your body and mind, promoting a peaceful heart and positivity.


The most rewarding aspects to of being a yoga teacher is helping people to realize their own potential.


The most common stereotype to yoga is that you must be a certain shape and size and that you need to be flexible. The ability to see beauty in who you are no matter what your abilities and to embrace your life to the full is the aim of my teachings.


I hope that a peaceful heart will transmit into peaceful actions, awareness and

respect to all life. 



I strive to create a space where everyone can feel comfortable to practice to their own ability, with no judgment or expectations. There is no way, only your way. 

Be who you are.

Yoga is a way of life, not just an exercise. It can help you unlock and let go of negativity and find happiness within, promoting a peaceful mind and heart which in turn promotes kindness and awareness of yourself, of others and nature. 



"Chloe Garland is an extremely inspirational teacher in every way...her yoga classes were very creative and so enjoyable with the added bonus of some incredible music...and lovely chanting!  can not recommend Chloe's retreats highly enough..."

- Linda Calladine, UK

"Chloe is a very experienced yoga teacher with a warm and friendly personality. I would highly recommend it to anyone whether they are a beginner or looking to deepen their yoga practice"

- Anjuli Bahadur, UK

"I have visited Chloe's classes regularly over the years when she has been home in England and her teaching style is fantastic. She adapts to all needs and is very approachable for guidance."

- Nelly Brouson, UK